The Life of Sean Program

“Seasons of Love” – from Rent – Full Cast

Sean’s Early Baytown Years

Off to College
“Time of Your Life” – from American Idiot – Brian Flores

One Way Ticket to New York City
“I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross – Crystal Monee Hall
“It’s a Raining Men” – Weather Girls – Teal Wicks, Tiffany Hass, Monee Hall
The Renaissance Man in New York City

Sean Returning to his Roots in Texas
“Journey to the Past” – from Anastasia – Stephanie Styles

Brad Meets Sean
“Something to Believe In” – from Newsies – Stephanie Styles, Adam Kaplan
“At the Beginning” – from Anastasia Movie – Tiffany Haas, John Edwards

Starting the Art Gallery and Launching Tennis Express
“Good Life” – One Republic – Brian Flores

Traveling with Sean the Curator of World-Class Experiences
“A Whole New World” – from Aladdin – Stephanie Styles, Adam Kaplan

Sean’s Connections, Passion for Food and Food Porn
“I Can Cook Too” – from On The Town – John Edwards

Fitness and Trainer video
“The Best of Times” – from La Cage Aux Folles – Logan Keslar, Ensemble

Cooper’s Diary
Positive, Uplifting Messages
“Beautiful” – from Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Teal Wicks, Ensemble

Mentoring Video
“You Will Be Found” – from Dear Evan Hansen – Adam Kaplan, Stephanie Styles, Logan Keslar, Cay Taylor, Ensemble

Legacy Stories
“For Good” – from Wicked – Tiffany Haas, Teal Wicks

Getting Involved in Broadway
“The Color Purple” – from The Color Purple – Crystal Monee Hall, Ensemble

Launch of the Rudolph Blume Foundation
“You’ve Got a Friend” – from Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Teal Wicks, Full Cast

Karaoke Outtakes